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I'm a freelance sound engineer.

I use phenomenal audio and studio recording equipment and techniques to help you promote your products, services, content, recordings, events, and ideas. Contact me now.

I have helped over 100+ businesses with obtaining perfect recording and event sound.

Over 20 Years using State of the Art Equipment with Top Tier Customer Service.

Why you need a strong sound?

Before profitable collaborations, record sales, event marketing begin, your current and future audience must feel assured you sound pleasant to their ears is to fully shop with you. And here's what good sound does:

  • Good sound communicates you're an honest and trustworthy brand.

  • Great sound educates and informs your customers about your products or services.

  • Outstanding sound gives your customer a reason to buy from you now and share with others.

  • What help do you need right now?

    Browse through the range of services I offer -- pick the one you need

    Live Events

    Sound that improves elevates the experience of any event


    Sound advice that reduces your obstacles and perfects your end goal


    Sound that informs and educates the customer about your product in an unforgettable way


    Sound that discovers and uncovers your voice and builds your audience in greater depth


    Sound that amplifies, demonstrates, and/or sells your product

    At home Studios

    Sound that improves your professionalism while at home

    Talk to me

    Need something more unique? I can help

    My service is as easy as 1-2-3

    Rest assured I follow a proven method. Here's how it looks:


    My sound process begins with assessing your sound needs.

    Creating A Plan

    Together we create a plan to get you the best sound for your event or recording.

    Fulfilling Your Needs

    Live sound delivered for events and final edits/review made for recordings.

    Custom Audio Needs Within Your Budget

    Have questions? Schedule a call with me

    Meet Alex  Harris 

    I'm the type of guy who finds the right sound at the right time. I am full of wisdom from all different levels as I used to be a professional guitarist. Not to mention I am able to facilitate powerful connections and collaborations to make your sound needs soar. And it's what make me unique. I can make great audio for ads, podcasts, live events, music recordings, audiobooks and more.

    And I'm making a lot of effort to keep it that way. I found the more I study about sound engineering, live events, the easier solving your sound needs come to me.

    Ready to get started? Let's talk about your project

    Throughout the remote meeting, we'll talk about:

    Your project details and requirements

    What do you need written, to whom and how much?

    Where do I fit in the picture

    Discover and define how I can help you.

    Project timeframes and budget

    An estimate of how much time and money is needed.

    It's easier than ever, simply fill in the details below to lock in your spot.

    Schedule a call with me right this moment!


    We respect your privacy. Your information is 100% safe with us.

    Unbeatable Guarantee

    I give you my honest word that, if you give me a chance, you're sure to be given my absolute best work. But If you feel that I fell short in any way on delivering the goodies, just let me know. I will work to rectify -- no hassle, no questions, no ifs, ands, or buts.

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